8 Tips to Impress Your Next Big Construction Client
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8 Tips to Impress Your Next Big Construction Client

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Once in a great while, you get the opportunity to work with an industry white whale. These are the kinds of clients who set construction companies on completely new growth trajectories. Not only do you need to win them, but you want them to continue coming back for more.

If you’re looking for a way to reel in your next big one client and ensure they’re happy from concept to completion, Join, a leading preconstruction software company, is here to help. Whether you’re demonstrating your exceptional project management capabilities or showcasing your ability to help clients save millions of dollars on rework, there are myriad ways to impress your potential client. Here’s where to start:

1. Get to know your client

Understanding your client’s expectations is critical for delivering a high-quality project you’re both proud of. But before you can truly grasp precisely what your customer wants, you must make an effort to understand them on a more personal level.

Get a feel for their tastes and preferences, and don’t be shy about asking your own questions. It’s essential that you know which aspects of the project are most important to your client. Doing so will allow you to put together the most accurate estimate possible. Additionally, it will help you determine what changes are and are not permissible to remain within budget and finish on time.

2. Provide accurate estimates

Contractors and builders know that delivering projects on time and within budget is the cornerstone of success. Therefore, it’s critical that you provide your clients with an accurate estimate before breaking ground.

But as supply chain issues continue to plague the industry and inflation increases the cost of everything from lumber to sheet metal, you will need the ability to swiftly adapt budgets and timelines while recording project history. Show you’re clients how pain-free you can make this process by leveraging the power of preconstruction planning software. With it, you can show them completed milestones, budgetary information, and how to save by adapting materials and processes.

3. Create a collaborative environment

As the project moves through the various build phases, all stakeholders must maintain a direct line of communication with one another. Cloud-based technology ensures that everyone has access to real-time project information and updates. Moreover, it provides a central location for clients, contractors, and builders to ask questions, provide feedback, and see progress. This is critical for maintaining a collaborative working environment and prioritizing transparency with all stakeholders.

4. Benchmark progress

Before you begin building, work with the client to identify project benchmarks and milestones at which they’ll be updated on progress. Designate times to meet on location to do walk-throughs. Prioritizing in-person progress checks will help keep you and your labor teams accountable to the predetermined timeline and create a more trustworthy relationship with your client.

It can also be helpful to develop internal benchmarks, at which time you and your team can evaluate your progress to ensure you’re staying on track. If plans change throughout the course of the build, you and your team will have a clear understanding of what needs to be sped up or altered to maintain an accurate budget and timeline.

5. Be tech-savvy

Gone are the days of massive blueprint scrolls and hard-to-use excel spreadsheets with project plans. Impress your client with the latest construction planning software and technology that streamlines the entire process for all stakeholders.

Aside from user-friendly interfaces, software like Join can help clients digest decision impacts, see changes in real-time, and communicate directly with you and your teams. Plus, efficient technology shows your client you care about their time and won’t waste it with outdated practices.

6. Deliver your projects on time

A timely build is one of the most critical aspects of impressing a client. It demonstrates a clear appreciation for their time and goals, helping create stronger bonds of trust and transparency that are crucial for creating repeating clients. Additionally, on-time project delivery shows clients that you and your team work hard every day, making all billable hours worthwhile for the customer.

7. Conduct a project post-mortem

After completing a project, sit down with all stakeholders to conduct a project post-mortem. In doing so, you give the client the opportunity to alert you of any issues that may need to be addressed, ask questions about the process, and provide feedback that can be used in future projects.

Post-mortems are conducted most simply when you can easily access all project information and data in one central location. And utilizing technology that allows you to store that data for future reference is critical for continued success.

8. Ask for referrals

Referrals are a great way to gain new business while doing minimal legwork. If you’re confident that you’ve impressed your client throughout the course of your project, ask them to refer you to their partners and friends who need work as well. Doing so not only shows your client that you trust your own work but also demonstrates trust for them and their connections.

Join the pros and impress with the best

Construction planning software is critical for maintaining happy clients and building trustworthy relationships with all stakeholders. New technology can provide you with streamlined data, help improve budget and timeline accuracy, and create efficient communication practices, all of which are crucial for impressing your customers.

If you’d like to see how technology can improve your client relationships, contact Join today.Alternatively, visit our website to learn more about our software and how it can best serve your construction business