We recently launched a new brand and are excited to share a bit more about what went into it behind the scenes. It was a true team effort to create and roll out our new brand, as well as an exciting milestone as we started to scale to more projects and a broader customer base.

If you don’t yet know much about Join, we’re a platform that connects contractors, design teams, and owners to make better building decisions during the design and preconstruction process. Join enables the people delivering building projects to do so more efficiently; they can access more information earlier, learn from past data, and focus on the more interesting part of their work.

Join helps teams design and construct with more predictability, to deliver buildings that owners love. We are passionate about enabling people to unlock dramatic improvements in building outcomes and the built environment as a whole.

Why we wanted a change

Our original brand identity served us well throughout early discovery, learnings, and product iterations. The first logo was a fun starting point, but we knew it was time to develop a thoughtful and comprehensive brand that matched what Join had grown into.

Join has evolved to a platform that brings transparency, trust, and intelligence to the design and decision making process for owners and project teams that create the buildings we live in. It was important to us to have a brand promise and visual identity that reflected our vision, product, and level of service that we were bringing to our customers.

What we care about

Before we started exploring any new directions, we first reflected on what was important to the people who will use our platform, the market that will be impacted by Join, and us as a founding team. We knew that we cared about creating maximum trust, clarity, and efficiency, and we used that as a starting point to frame all of our brand exploration.

As we dug further into what Join has evolved to be and what we wanted to maintain as we grow, we knew we wanted to be dependable, intelligent yet humble, eye-opening, and happy. We also knew we didn’t want our brand to evoke any of the existing challenges that Join is solving, and that we did not want to be cumbersome, cocky, confusing, or overly formal.

Keeping all this in mind, our incredible branding designer Virginia Sasser worked with us to develop a more cohesive identity of where we are and where we want to go. And we are thrilled that the updated Join brand reflects a credible approachability to our innovative technology and a warm yet powerful, human-centric personality.

A new visual identity

And without further adieu, here’s a quick runthrough of our new visual identity. The Join logo was inspired by elements that connect the people, materials, means, and methods that all play a part in delivering buildings. While our primary logo uses a minimal palette, pulling in textures creates warmth and playful nod to the built environment we live in.

We also love the extended motif of tangrams we developed (after all, our founding team is a bunch of builders, engineers, and design nerds!).  

Some final thoughts on the process

Developing and rolling out our new brand required a good bit of effort, but collaborating together with Virginia’s direction was extremely enjoyable. Having led a rebrand at my previous company, I knew I had a good framework for launching our new brand, but this time around our entire company was about half the size of the team that helped execute the last one. In the end, the process to unveil our new brand was far more smoother and rewarding than I ever expected.

Thanks again to the entire Join team for inspiring and building out our new brand identity.

In the end, every single person on our team pushed code to launch our new website and update our application. And it has continued to be a team effort as we scale our product and marketing materials. But most importantly, it has been a joy to continue being part of a team that lives its brand every day - being dependable, humble, eye-opening, and happy.