Join Customers are Growing Faster Than Their Peers
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Join Customers are Growing Faster Than Their Peers

A Black experience in construction

Keeping an eye on the competition is vital for keeping pace, but doing so means you're already a step behind. In the competitive space of construction, it's vital to proactively seek innovative ways to keep a competitive advantage so you can stand out from the competition and grow your business.

Not only does Join allow customers to stand out from the competition in pitch and OAC meetings, our customers actually grew more than the average general contractor in 2021. 

Growth By the Numbers

We took some time to look back at 2021 and overlaid our customer list with publicly accessible data on firm size and bookings when we noticed an interesting trend: Join customers are growing faster than their peers.

To confirm, we controlled for firm size and incomplete data around new contracts. The pattern holds for all firm sizes that we have data for.

Here are two ways to frame the pattern, in terms of ranking and in terms of new contracts volume:

  1. When ranked by new bookings, a typical Join customer will rank about 14% higher than with similar revenue and size.
  2. And, the average Join customer reported new contract volume 10% higher than similarly sized companies.

Drawing a causal link for this correlation is beyond the scope of this analysis. But at Join, we believe that fast and informed decisions move projects forward and that the future of the industry is one driven by collaboration and transparency among key project stakeholders.

We're thrilled to see that, on the whole, our customers are growing quickly to meet the country and the world’s need for abundant and joyful buildings and infrastructure.

Get the Competitive Advantage

We can help. Join is a collaborative preconstruction software that streamlines communication, eliminates data silos, and simplifies your workflows through the entire lifecycle of your project. Reach out to Join today.