Joining the Autodesk Construction Cloud
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Joining the Autodesk Construction Cloud

A Black experience in construction

Join is a decision making platform for the built environment. As a preconstruction platform that connects multiple stakeholders to improve collaborative decision-making and meet project budgets announces a new integration with the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Join is bringing its value-engineering transparency to the Autodesk Construction Cloud™, a portfolio of software and services that combines advanced technology, a builder’s network, and predictive insights for construction teams. This integration enables customers to embed Join’s value engineering data into their Autodesk® Build™ and BIM 360® project dashboards for budget attainment and collaboration during preconstruction and project execution.

 Join’s unique approach to preconstruction collaboration enables owners, architects, engineers, GCs, and trades to expedite the budgeting process. Decisions can be made in real-time, and Target Value Design trendlines help identify bottlenecks.



“Autodesk Construction Cloud and Join deliver a game-changing stack of preconstruction tech,” said Jim Forester, Co-Founder at Join. “All projects are unique and require a mix of technology tools. Join gives stakeholders a project-based single pane of glass for budget attainment. Adding the Join Partner Card to Autodesk Construction Cloud’s project management and field execution tools creates one location for teams to access their information from design through handover.”

Team accountability and understanding why decisions were made is often lost as projects move from preconstruction into construction. The transparency Join delivers keeps stakeholders aware of what’s happening through preconstruction and execution so the project team can help ensure project delivery matches the goals of the project.