Unlock Historical Data for Future Cost Confidence with Join Forecasting
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Unlock Historical Data for Future Cost Confidence with Join Forecasting

A Black experience in construction

While things have been improving, labor and material shortages, inflation, and escalation will continue to reap havoc on project predictability, cost certainty, and the construction industry as a whole.

But Join Forecasting can help.

Join Forecasting is a new suite of tools that leverage historical project data for project comparisons and conceptual estimates. With the Join Forecasting initial project comparison feature, contractors and their teams can collect historical estimates and other current project data into one location. From there, they can easily catalog, access and share accurate project information, supporting transparency and informed solutions throughout the life of a project.

With Join Forecasting, you can drive earlier cost/scope alignment with historical project data at your fingertips and achieve cost confidence quickly, reduce risk, save time and gain owner trust to win more work. This allows you to create accurate cost estimates, even amid cost escalation, inflation, and supply and demand issues.

“Join Forecasting uses the past to explain the future,” said Andrew Zukoski, co-founder and CEO of Join. “Early in project lifecycles, design and construction teams need to align with owners on cost and scope. Historical data can accelerate this. However, until now, that historical data lives in a second system that is both laborious to populate and disconnected from other design and preconstruction workflows. Join Forecasting integrates these workflows, enhancing the unified, cloud-hosted and collaborative experience that Join already provides.”

Reduce project risk  

With project comparisons, you can actually store and leverage everything you’ve learned on past projects because it can’t be lost or trapped in a spreadsheet. Your team can recall historical data and decisions to improve project predictability and cost certainty. 

This also means you don’t have to start from scratch on every project. With project comparisons, your historical data is a jumping-off point you can use to calculate and build in escalation costs – with just a few clicks.

Have confidence knowing your project comparison or conceptual estimate is backed by accurate historical data, all compiled in one easy-to-navigate platform. 

Save your team hours

According to an FMI industry report, construction industry professionals spend over 14 hours per week on average simply trying to find necessary project information. Imagine all the value your team could be adding to projects if they weren’t busy just trying to find them!

With project comparisons, you can quickly extract and pivot data from comparable project estimates to create professional comparison reports. That means your team can create a conceptual estimate from the report within minutes instead of hours/days.

Build and maintain trust with stakeholders

Collaboration and transparency are the bedrock of building trust with owners. In fact, 82% of owners want more collaboration with their contractors.

Project Comparisons allow you to share the data behind your estimate so owners gain confidence in your experience and have the assurance your projections are realistic.   

“The project comparison tool leverages your historical benchmarking cost information by allowing your preconstruction teams to automatically calculate and display the averages of your proven cost data. This sets meaningful targets that your owners, design teams and estimators can rely on.”

 Tony McDaniel, Preconstruction Director, Messer Construction

Reduce project risk

While escalation, supply chain issues, and shortages aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, our hope is that Join Forecasting can help make dealing with them a little easier.

With Join Forecasting, general contractors can:

  • Collect accurate historical project data and current and future data, providing confidence that a project comparison or conceptual estimate is backed by accurate and accessible information.
  • Store data in an easy-to-navigate and highly searchable location that can be shared with project stakeholders.
  • Create professional, polished comparison and estimate reports and presentations.
  • Share the data behind the estimate so owners gain confidence in their experience and have assurance that projections are realistic.  

Want your project comparisons and conceptual estimates to be backed by accurate historical data? Book time with our team >